Program Highlights
Keynote Speakers

Among our Keynote Speakers for the 2018 Mid-year Meeting will be Keith Yeates, INS President and Professor of Psychology, Pediatrics, and Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Calgary, Canada (speaking on the relationship between childhood brain disorders and the evolution of the human social brain).

Stephanie Clarke, President of the World Federation of Neurorehabilitaiton and Professor and Head of the Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation Clinic at the University Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland (speaking on the influence of cognitive science on neurorehabilitation).

Tomas Paus, Director of Population Neuroscience and Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry at University of Toronto, Canada (presenting on population neuroscience).

John-Dylan Haynes, Director of the Berlin Center for Advanced Neuroimaging in Berlin, Germany (presenting on the newest advances in the neuroscience of free will).

Kathleen Welsh-Bohmer, Professor & Chief of Medical Psychology CPU and the Director of Joseph & Kathleen Bryan Alzheimer’s Disease Center (presenting on recent advances in AD diagnosis, treatment, and prevention).

Invited Symposia

Invited symposia will adhere to and will further advance the meeting theme of Bridging science and Humanity, including a symposium on international perspectives on clinical neuropsychology, chaired by Dr. Tedd Judd.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education workshops will cover neuropsychology topics across the lifespan: Dr. Amy Heffelfinger will present on the emerging new area of neuropsychology of preschoolers.

Dr. Melissa Lamar will present on pre-clinical markers of pathological aging and dementia

Dr. Bruce Hermann and Professor Ivan Rektor will present on developmental morbidities and advances in treatment of epilepsy across lifespan.

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