Poster Sessions
SESSION 1 (Thursday, July 19, 08:35–10:25)
  • Cognitive functions (Memory, visual-spatial abilities, executive functions, emotional processing)
  • Neuropsychiatric disorders across lifespan (substance use, severe mental illness, autism, depression, anxiety, etc.)

SESSION 2 (Thursday, July 19, 10:35–12:25)
  • Attentional, learning, and language disorders across lifespan (ADHD, learning disorders, aphasias, language development)

SESSION 3 (Thursday, July 19, 14:05–15:55)
  • Acquired brain injury and rehabilitation across lifespan (TBI, cerebrovascular disease, etc.)

SESSION 4 (Friday, July 20, 08:35–10:25)
  • From normal aging to dementia (MCI, AD, FTD, DLB, etc.)

SESSION 5 (Friday, July 20, 10:35–12:25)
  • Assessment methods and psychometrics in an increasingly globalized world

SESSION 6 (Friday, July 20, 14:05–15:55)
  • Medical and neurologic conditions (movement disorders, MS, Epilepsy, tumors, HIV, diabetes, COPD, kidney disease, etc.)
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