The Czech Neuropsychological Society (CENES) is a non-profit professional association that brings together experts and guarantors from the field of neuropsychology in the Czech Republic.

The primary mission of the organisation is to define the fundamental assumptions, procedures and methods in the field of neuropsychology and apply them in clinical practice. In connection to formulating the basic standards, CENES also provides pre- and post-graduate education in the field of neuropsychology, acts as an umbrella institution for experts and those interested in neuropsychology and endeavours to expand this field in the Czech Republic.

It actively supports communication and cooperation among experts and students, organises regular expert seminars and conferences and forms an open platform for deeper understanding of the relationship between the brain and behaviour and disorders thereof. CENES takes part in developing international cooperation with other professional associations and institutions. Since 2011 it has been a member of the INS and since 2013 FESN. For more information visit www.cenes.cz

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